The Lost Echo

She asked me to kiss her that night. I leaned in and felt her lips. My body pressed against hers I felt her heart beat. I pulled away to look into her eyes. She looked confused, “I haven’t felt that in a long time.”

I asked her, “what?”

“That feeling, your kiss, I remember now why.”

I knew what happened next. A cold wind blew threw the wind, the bed far away now. I found myself standing on a…

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Apr 2
Chasing a Ghost
Apr 2


before tumblr gets a hold of this i want to inform you all that she is referring to the nuclear device that exploded in london, killing hundreds of thousands of people, tainting the water supply, and starting world war 3

This movie was epic

(Source: scr33ncaps)

I hear the crumble

The cracks in the nice shell I’ve made

The shell I’ve left empty,

Because I have nothing to fill it with.

Soon the fall,

Soon the truth breaks free.

Truth of nothing,

Truth of the void that is me

I hear the Crumble

I feel the tumble soon.

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Mar 25
Crumble Before Tumble

All toughness ever got me was scars

I never found glory or pride

Only spilled blood that was no one but mine.

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Mar 22
A lesson for toughness

When the City rests,

and the Bile comes out,

that is when the shadows.

They start with a whisper that whiskey can wash away.

And then,

They shout.

And your face flows through my eyes like a beam of light.

Blinding, I can hear your voice.

Deafening your whisper reminds me of your voice.

Then you shout,

and the memories return of my sins.


blinding the Sun shines through the blinds.


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Mar 20
The Quiet Moments

"Calm like a bomb"

- Rage Against

Mar 16


As I sit,

The ground so cold and wet,

I realized that I made it this way.

I didn’t believe you could stay,

I guess I was right in that way.

Was it worth this solitude,

In no way I can say.

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Mar 15

Everybody wants to see you fall

And use that pain to get you high

to make you feel like they do

high when really you’re all on the ground

only a few ever really get back up

and when you do, without anyone to celebrate with, what do you do then?

Mar 7
The High

In the darkness of the night,

When the shadows are concealed by the void of the night

Before the void of sleep comes

Our minds swim in the abyss of our memories

And within this ocean of thought

The creatures of darkness encroach on our psyche

And our only defense is our memories of each other

Feb 25